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Water Fed Pole

A Pure Water Fed Pole System is a new technology that turns ordinary tap water into the purest water creating a powerful cleaning agent that leaves surfaces spot free with no cleaning chemicals or detergents.

While impurities in ordinary tap water cause spotting and streaking, pure water becomes an aggressive cleaning agent.  The Pure Water Fed Pole System is a de-ionization system that yields 99.99% pure water.  The water dries without any streaks or spots, and there is no need for any soap or squeegees.  Pure water cleaning leaves windows absolutely spotless meaning they will actually stay clean longer!

As you can see from this picture.  The pole contains a stiff bristle brush which enables us to not only clean the window but the entire window frame as well as the sills.  After the window is cleaned, it is thoroughly rinsed as shown in this picture and your window will dry crystal clear!

window cleaning


As you can imagine there are many benefits cleaning your windows in this fashion.  There is no harm to the environment whatsoever.  Also, all window frames are thoroughly cleaned, as well as entire garage doors can easily be cleaned as well.  Another benefit is is safety.  Using Pure Water allows us to clean exterior windows eliminating the need for ladders. Your landscaping will be happy, as plants and shrubs will get a drink as we clean your windows!

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